Thank you for all the kind words, it gives us new energy and inspiration to keep doing what we do best

‘Lara and her agency have made a huge difference for us. The quality of nannies who came to us have been 5 stars, on top of knowing they would care for our child with the same respectful parenting philosophy as ours. I can not recommend Peaceful Learning highly enough!’ -Laure

‘Lara is the best! I would recommend her agency to anyone looking for a RIE/Pikler or Montessori nanny.’ -Alisa

‘It’s been such an interesting process hiring a nanny - I’m actually glad we took our time as it has helped crystallise for us the kind of person we want to have this relationship with. [Your nanny’s] particular energy, poise and observant reflectiveness are everything we could have hoped for. I hope some of my mum-friends flow your way, I would be surprised if they didn’t!’ -Sally D. 

'And so much thanks to you for offering the best to families that are looking for kind and gentle caregivers.' -Amanda

‘Lastly, I want to thank you SO much for all of your hard work and dedication in our search. You have been amazing and the candidates have all been so well qualified. I will certainly pass your info along to other parent-friends.’ Mum of twins, San Francisco

‘Thank you Lara. I really like the high quality candidates you send us. It is a relief to find an agency singing from the same hymn sheet!’ -Mother, NW3. 

‘You were wonderful to work with, I will definitely reach out again' -Mother, LA

‘I do have to say Lara I am very happy to be working with you on this as I feel you “get” the search.’ Mum in Chelsea

‘Thank you so much. You've offered so much patience and support through this process and I really appreciate it. I apologize I’ve been completely overwhelmed with what is going on with my daughter, and it has made me more emotional than usual…I really appreciate your help and understanding very, very much…’ A mother in need of a nanny! 

‘We’re just thrilled. Thank you for facilitating this all so thoughtfully and artfully!’ -Mile End mum

“A year ago, as I was looking to return to work, I went through all the usual online agencies, local forums and nursery visits. After interviewing many people who found it unusual to treat babies and toddlers with respect, we were starting to lose hope when I was introduced to Peaceful Learning. Thanks to Lara and her wonderful team we found a nanny who had the calm and respectful approach we were looking for, and it came naturally for her to treat our daughter like a whole person. Both nannies we've worked with fitted right into our family and nanny-share arrangement and we couldn't be more grateful.” -Maru

‘I'm honestly so glad I found you guys, the kind of families you attract are all just so conscientious and parent with such clear purpose and I love that! You really are above and beyond any of the other agencies by a country mile!!!


 ‘I am so blessed to have found your company and to be able to work through you.  I believe you have a very special niche and I can definitely see the difference between your company and other nanny agencies.  I really am grateful.’- Caroline, Montessori Nanny

"What I love about Peaceful Learning and that seems so different from other nanny agencies I've interviewed with, is you seem to really care about who I am and the work I do with children. Even your emails to me seem more warm compared to other agencies. It feels exciting to work with you" -Sasha

Thank you for all your help and I will 100% recommend you to any nannies I know or families I may meet looking to hire.’

-Angela, Montessori Nanny

Thank you. You're amazing for the hours you put in! -Kirstin, Montessori nanny

‘I appreciate receiving information about professional development. You make it feel like a career rather than just a job.’ -Career nanny

‘You’re the first agency where I actually enjoyed filling out the application form and I felt like you were really asking about me.’ -Carmen, holistic nanny

'I’m really delighted to hear Peaceful Learning is growing the way it is, both for you and for the world in general! It is wonderful its reach can now bring more alternative perspective to more families, and more love to more children here and abroad. What a wonderful legacy for your life!’

-Lana, Steiner nanny

‘As a career nanny and former teacher, Peaceful Learning provides opportunities for me to grow as a practitioner through their relevant training and thought provoking emails. Her emphasis on further development and growth as a practitioner is one of the many reasons why I have chosen to stay registered with the agency.’

‘Lara has provided supportive contact throughout my interactions with her, and has always been available to answer questions when needed.’

I don’t feel like someone on the books. I feel like my well-being and further education are important and valued with this agency.’-Samantha- RIE® inspired nanny

"Thanks again for your support and understanding during the trial process. I really appreciate being able to reach out to you and receive a meaningful response :) Many agencies don’t offer that, and it’s actually really important. We (nannies) all still have a genuine and legitimate need to feel “heard and understood” when things are hard." -Danielle, USA

‘Out of the many agencies I signed with, you always made sure I had a shot at a position, and gave me a reply as to why not! I really appreciate that!’ -Tatiana

'Necane has been nothing but loving and supportive from the second we started speaking. Her passion for meaningful childcare is evident in the way she lights up when speaking about nannying, children and the agency. She made sure I was supported throughout the entire process and found a family that broadened my horizons within childcare. She continually checks in on me, offering a cheerful perspective and a listening ear. She's motivated, responsive, and incredibly encouraging. Her dedication to Peaceful Learning and childcare is contagious and I am so thankful to have worked with her! You are very fortunate to have such an awesome employee!

Peaceful Learning has been everything I needed after moving to London. I have such a passion for early childhood development but after moving to London, never felt my passion was reflected in one specific place. Peaceful Learning exemplifies what it means to value the whole family, from what is best for the parents to the perfect parenting style for the children. I'm thanking my lucky stars to have stumbled across Peaceful Learning and hope continue working with wholesome, supportive people.

Thanks so much for all you guys do x' -Jillian, UK

'And for sure Peaceful Learning was nothing more than great support in hard times' -Karin