Full time -London

Forest Row Job no 198



Looking for a nurturing and creative governess/ nanny, a team player and positive role model with initiative who has strong literacy skills both for PA work and to support dyslexia. SENCO experience would be ideal, 

For a 13 year old girl who is being homeschooled, 

Starting January 2020, start date is flexible, 

Rota one week on/ off,

On call 24/ 7, Wednesday-Wednesday,

Normally around 8 hours a day 12PM-8PMish however, some days will be longer and some shorter,

Share charge except when parents are away, 

2-3 times a year proxy parenting for 3 weeks at a time,

Live-in accomodation while on duty: a one person self-contained, furnished contemporary new build apt. above the garage, 

Located in RH19, Forest Row.


Develop an engaging and creative day, the girl is an aspiring actress! 

Help the girl to be inspired to read and listen to audio books as she has dyslexia, 

Cook simple, healthy meals for the girl, 

Keep the girls room clean and tidy, 

PA duties for the mum while the girl is having her lessons with her teachers such as scheduling and helping out with her business. She runs a holistic educational/e-commerce online website, with the intention of opening a physical location in the US,

Possible travel over the summer, 

Driver needed for PA duties, 

Your day will look something like helping the girl get ready in the morning, hand-over to teacher for lessons, PA duties/ light housekeeping/ cook lunch, reconnect with the girl and engage a creative late afternoon/ evening, 

There will be other people coming in and out throughout the day including two teachers and a cleaner that comes three times a week so a team player is a must! 

Family have a small hypoallergenic dog, 

£40k/ annum during probationary period, £45k/ annum after that

Hampstead Job no. 195



Looking for a German speaking nanny that uses child-led learning with freedom to learn for themselves, using positive guidance and role modelling. Someone who looks at WHY a behaviour is happening. A mindful nanny that has a gentle, respectful approach. 

For 4 year old twin girls and a 2 year old girl,

Main focus is on the 2 year old while the others are at school and then share charge after school alongside another nanny,

Tuesday to Saturday, 

9AM-6PM (Live-out),

7/7.30AM-6.30PM (Live-in),

Mix of sole charge and shared charge with another nanny, 

Accomodation for live-in is own bedroom, shower room, kitchenette and sitting area attached to the house, 

Starting ASAP up to Christmas,

Located in Hampstead, N2. 


Getting in touch with nature and getting outdoors, 

Go to German Saturday school in the morning,

All nursery duties including childrens laundry, 

Prepare meals occasionally, 

Potential travel worldwide, 

Fully staffed household,

Children will attend a French speaking school and the other nanny will be a French speaker, 

This is very much an authentic Montessori household. Mum has completed the AMI 3-6 course and the children went to a Montessori nursery. Mum has also incorporated mindfulness and positive guidance with her parenting using Generation Mindful. 

Salary flexible for the right candidate

Chelsea Job no. 188



Looking for a nanny that knows and supports gentle and attachment parenting,
For a 7 month old boy and 7 year old boy,

Starting ASAP,
Monday- Friday,
8AM -7PM,
Located in SW3 3RU

Create a fun-filled day allowing space and time for free-play,
Make lunch for yourself and the family when the baby is sleeping,
Go out to the park and get in touch with nature,
School pick up (no drop off) 10 minutes from the house,
The usual after school routine,

£825 gross/ week

Highgate Job no. 177



Looking for an emotionally aware/ sensitive nanny or governess who builds relationships with their charges on trust and respect, using child-led learning to guide a child through their work who can be active and get out and play table tennis or something similar, 

For a 10 year old boy,

Monday- Thursday,

8AM - 6/6.30PM,

Starting ASAP till the boy has integrated back into school, 

Located in Highgate, N6


Create a day that promotes the boys overall well-being, taking it day by day, 

Cook meals for the boy and clean up after yourself, 

Take him to his friends house when possible,

Take the puppy for a walk with the boy or when he's at his friends house, 

Working with CANS (The Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths) to help the boy on the right path. 

The boys father died a year ago and gets quite anxious about leaving the house hence why someone who is emotional sensitive or aware would be ideal. The boy also has dyslexia so someone with experience with this would also be great. Mum would like to integrate him back into his school and would like you to help him to do that. 

They also have a 6 month old puppy who you would take for walks with the boy. There is also a 12 year old sister who goes to school. She is self-sufficient and your role will only be with the boy. 

Mum expects the integration to take about a year to get him back into school again. 

£15.90/ hour gross, flexible for the right person. 

Golders Green Job no. 186



Looking for an experienced gentle baby nanny who uses child-led learning and care moments who supports breastfeeding,
For a 5 month old boy,
Starting ASAP,
Live-in, 7AM-7PM

 Live-out, 7AM-7PM (flexible)
Live-in is an ensuite room in the loft on its own seperate level,
Located in NW11

Create a child-led, age appropriate day getting in touch with nature and allowing space for free play,
All nursery duties,
Cook dinner for you and the family during the week,
The family will choose a mixture of baby-led and puree weaning.

There is optional travel with the family.

Salary flexible for the right person

Sheperds Bush Job no. 165



Looking for a gentle, respectful nanny who supports attachment parenting and is open-minded towards the idea of unschooling,
For 3 year old girl and 6 month old girl,
Monday-Tuesday 8AM-10AM & 5PM-9PM,
Wednesday-Friday 7AM-10AM & 5PM-9PM,
Plus babysitting
Starting ASAP
Live-in with seperate mezzanine flat that is accessed via the same door as their house. It comes with kitchenette, lounge, bathroom and bedroom with great views of London.
Located in Sheperds Bush, W12

Playing with the children,
Cook for the little one, the family use baby-led weaning so familiarity with this is great,
All nursery duties, general tidy-up and childrens laundry.

During the evenings you will be with the younger one while mum spends quality time with the older child. 

They have one small dog,
May go away with the family on holiday,

£26,580 per annum,

Hampstead Heath Job no. 136



Looking for a French speaking nanny that uses child-led learning with freedom to explore for themselves, using positive guidance and role modelling. Someone who looks at WHY a behaviour is happening. A mindful nanny that has a gentle, respectful approach. Montessori trained nanny ideal or someone willing to be trained,

For 4 year old twin girls and a 2 year old girl,

Monday to Friday, 

8AM-6PM (Live-out),

7/7.30AM-6.30PM (Live-in),

Mix of sole charge and shared charge with another nanny, 

Accomodation for live-in is own bedroom, shower room, kitchenette and sitting area attached to the house, 

Ideally full time from January with part time hours leading up to January from September but this can be flexible for the right person, starting earlier, 

Located in Hampstead, N2. 


Getting in touch with nature and getting outdoors, 

Spending the day at school with one of the twins as she has down syndrome and needs one on one assistance throughout the school day, 

Working with other support people like speech and language therapists to help her thrive, 

All nursery duties including childrens laundry, 

Prepare meals occasionally, 

Travel worldwide during school holidays, 

Fully staffed household,

Children will attend a French speaking school hence why you will need to speak French fluently, you will also be expected to speak French with the children, 

This is very much an authentic Montessori household. Mum has completed the AMI 3-6 course and the children went to a Montessori nursery. Mum has also incorporated mindfulness and positive guidance with her parenting using Generation Mindful. 

Salary flexible for the right candidate

Greenwich Job no. 174



Looking for a warm, calm, friendly and energetic nanny that uses child-led learning in a natural environment, 

For a 10 month old boy, 



Sole charge with mum working from home one day a week, 

Starting mid-November, 

Located in Greenwich SE10.

Getting out and about, getting stuck into nature and creating age appropriate activities that he shows interest in,
Going on play dates, 

Taking him to baby classes,
Nursery duties including the boys laundry, 
Cooking healthy home-made meals and snacks, 

The family have a golden retriever and a cat, 
Driver preferable, 

£630/ week gross, flexible for the right person. 

Woking Job no. 116



Looking for a nanny who is respectful towards the child, easy to communicate with, upfront and authentic. Someone who is Ofsted registered (or willing to be) with a minimum of 5 years experience, someone with a qualification in Montessori, Waldorf Steiner, Reggio Emilia, RIE or Pikler. Someone who is looking for a long term commitment.
For 4yo, and 1yo old boys,

Start date ASAP,

Full time.

Monday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm
September 2019 - June 2020, term time Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 am – 7 pm

Mix of share and sole charge. 

Located in Woking GU22, London


Looking after the children, their toys, their clothes, their food,
Driving them to and from school,
Going to playdates,
Babysitting from time to time
Cooking for the children
Driver needed and car provided.

Salary £14 per hour

Harpenden, Hertfordshire Job no. 24



Looking for a calm, observant nanny that has experience and interest in RIE® and Montessori,

For a 3 year old and 11 month old girl,

Four days a week, 

7.45AM- 6.30PM and one evening a fortnight, 

Starting October/ November 2019(flexible for the right person), 


Sole charge, 

Located in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. 


Create a child-led, creative day fuelled by imagination, 

Spend plenty of outdoor time, getting in touch with nature, 

Cooking healthy, varied food, 

Tidy-up after the children. 

Driver needed, car provided,

Ideally Ofsted registered or willing to get registered, 

Will consider nanny with own child. 

Salary negotiable. 

Leyton Job no. 123



Looking for a nanny that uses respectful, child-led care that loves nature, someone familiar with RIE would be ideal but open to other approaches,
For a 1 year old boy,
October start (flexible with transition period),
Located in Leyton near Wanstead Flats E11.

Create a child-led day getting out into nature as much as possible,
Providing an age appropriate environment that allows him to explore freely with uninterrupted play,
Cook healthy meals and the boys laundry,
General tidy-up after yourself.

Driver would be nice but not necessary.

£15.90 gross/ hour

Belgravia/ Dubai Job no. 88



Looking for a creative, kind, gentle but firm Montessori nanny,

For a girl, 2.5 years,

Monday- Saturday,


Hours may vary from 8AM-5PM on some days to babysitting while travelling so will need to stay later,

Starting ASAP,


Accommodation is a private room with bathroom,

If the nanny prefers live-out accommodation, the family are open to providing this for the right nanny,

Located in Dubai and Belgravia, London 3 months of the year,


Provide a creative Montessori day,

Role modelling and providing a developmentally appropriate environment,

Prepare nutritious menus,

All nursery duties,

Lots of travel worldwide regularly.

Role is 7am-7pm, 6 days a week and 24/7 when travelling. Hours/days are flexible both ways and can be discussed at final interview stage.

Car provided,

£1000 net per week,

4 weeks holiday a year,

Fully staffed household.

Wandsworth job no. 101



Looking for an experienced nanny that uses child-led learning, a loving and supportive person who is mindful and caring. Familiarity with Pikler would be nice but not necessary, For a girl, 8.5 months, 

Starting ASAP





Accomodation is the top floor large ensuite room, 

Located in Wandsworth, SW18.


Create a child-led day, getting out and about in touch with nature and the world, Get breakfast and lunch ready, as well as, breast milk, The family are using a mix of baby-led weaning and purees, overall wanting to create a positive association with food, role-model eating would be ideal so eating together at meal times, All nursery duties, The girls laundry.

The family have one medium Jindo-cross breed dog, There may be the possibility of traveling occasionally on the mums work trips. There will quite often be between an extra 5-10 hours a week that will be needed as both parents are on-call between the hours of 6PM-8AM. They will let you know beforehand when they need those hours.

£660/ week

Salary flexible for the right candidate.

West Hampstead Job no.


Looking for a gentle, calm nanny that is engaging and creative, who supports attachment parenting and sees unwanted behaviour as a sign of unmet needs,

For a 3 year old girl, 

Monday-Wednesday (8AM-6.30PM) and Friday (8.30AM-5PM), 

Barnes Job


Looking for a self-aware, patient, organised career nanny that is loving and calm. An awareness of Steiner and/ or Pikler a bonus, someone who is willing to stick around for the long term,
For twin boys 6 and a girl 2.5,

Highgate Job


Looking for a nanny, a nature-lover who supports screen-free parenting and familiar with Steiner and/ or Montessori or other child-led, respectful approaches. Someone who is calm, gentle and responsible with clear boundaries. Someone who likes working in a team environment with another nanny and parents.

For 4yo, 2yo and 4 month old boys,

Chiswick Job


A welcoming, laid-back, active family are looking for a gentle, happy, discreet nanny that uses positive guidance to become part of their family, 

For a 4.5 year old girl, 

Part time - London

Mile End Job no. 158


Looking for an observant, empathetic Italian speaking nanny that uses child-led learning and experience or interest in RIE and Montessori,

For a 5 month old girl, 

Tues-Thurs (can be flexible, can also be 4 days),

9AM-5PM or 24/ 32 hours per week (flexible),

Start date flexible,

Sole charge with mum working from home wearing noise cancelling headphones! 

Located in Mile End, E2


Create a child-led, safe and nurturing day with age appropriate activities that she shows interest in, 

Getting in touch with nature and exploring museums and other places,

Parents would like to follow baby-led weaning so someone who has knowledge in this a bonus, 

They have a pretty chilled out cat, 

£15+/ hour gross depending on experience. 

Blackheath Job no. 121


Looking for an empathic nanny that inspires a love for learning, 

For a two year old boy, 

Monday and Wednesdays (days flexible except Fridays),


Sole charge, mum works from home on one day and dad on the other day but will be up in the home office,

Starting September, 


Located in Blackheath


Provide a safe and nurturing day that inspires curiosity and a love for learning about the world. 

No cooking required,

The boy may have food allergies so must be comfortable with this. 

The family have one big, soppy sheep dog. 

Ofsted registration required. 

£14.50/ hour gross, open for discussion.

Mile End Job no. 95


Looking for a nanny who is warm and compassionate, someone who understands the importance of child-led play and who loves to be outdoors.

For a 4-year-old girl and a 13-month old boy

Part-time role

Starting 11th of November

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 9.30am

Thursday 2:30pm – 5:30pm

Friday 8 am – 6 pm

Saturday 9 am – 3 pm

There is a degree of flexibility with hours to accommodate the nanny’s other commitments.

A mix of Share and Sole charge.


Located in London, E3


School run morning and afternoon during weekdays

Playing with the children

£15 gross/ hour

Belgravia Job no. 97


Looking for a gentle, caring Montessori nanny that listens to the needs of the children and supports screen-free parenting,

For 9 month old twin boys,

8AM-7PM (flexible, open to part-time hours shared with another nanny),


Live-out/ live-in,

Start ASAP-September,

Accommodation: own room and bathroom

Located in Belgravia, SW1


Provide a Montessori-led day for the boys,

All nursery duties,

Baby laundry and ironing,

Light housekeeping like loading the dishwasher,

Cooking for the twins, dairy and sugar free, starch free until they turn one,

Occasional babysitting,

Travel with the family to Europe and the States,

Driver ideal but not necessary,

£16 gross/ hour

Nunhead job no. 115


Looking for a nanny familiar with Montessori, RIE, Pikler and/ or Steiner, 

Nanny share for 2 children aged around 1 years

Starting ASAP,

3 days/week (either Monday - Wednesday or Tuesday - Thursday, but must include Tuesday and Wednesday)

On one of the days it may just be one child




All nursery duties,

Provide a child-led, respectful day for the children. 

No driver needed,

For sole charge it is £13, for nanny share £15.60

Hackney Job no. 173


Looking for a kind, proactive, imaginative and creative person working in a child-led play environment with clear boundaries. Someone who is passionate about children and their development,

For boys aged 3 and 5,

Monday and Tuesday 11.30AM-6PM,

Wednesdays 11.30AM-10.30PM

24 hours altogether,

Starting ASAP, 

Located in Hackney, E8


Pick of 3 year old from nursery at 12 and 5 year old from school at 3,

Make lunch and dinner for the boys,

Set up creative play and activities that the boys love, 

Go out to the park if the boys want to, 

Driver ideal but not necessary, 

Both boys have attended Steiner play groups so may suit someone who is familiar with this approach, 

Mum is also interested in A-Ha Parenting, 

£15.90 gross/ hour

Temporary and ad hoc London

Golders Green/ Kensal Rise Job no. 84



Looking for a temporary, loving and caring nanny who understands the developmental stages of childhood. Someone who uses positive guidance and child-led learning and supports screen-free parenting. Someone who likes getting out and about in touch with nature and someone social to cover their current nanny who will be on maternity leave, 

For a 3 year old girl and 11 month old boy, Starting July 1st for 6-8 months, July - September: Monday and Fridays 2PM-8PM, Tuesdays to Thursdays 8AM-7/8PM, September onwards: Monday-Friday 8AM-7/8PM

Mix of sole and shared care until September when the girl starts nursery. The family practice attachment parenting so must be aware of this and support it. Live-out, 

Located in Golders Green NW11, moving to Kensal Rise mid-August,


Getting out and about from 9-12.30 daily, 

All nursery duties,

Childrens washing,

Light housework if you have time like dishes or laundry,

Travel to LA, Spain or around Europe towards the end of the year or early next year, ideally you will come with but not necessary. 

Family have one friendly cat. 

£720/ week gross going up to £825+ from September

Antigua, Caribbean job no. 139



Looking for an active, adventurous male role model who uses child-led, respectful care for a temporary position in Antigua, East Caribbean, Mum uses attachment parenting so someone who supports this is ideal.
For a 3 year old boy,
Starting January 10th-April 10th approx., with possibly an additional 3 weeks in Zimbabwe and possibly Switzerland after that,
5 days a week, days are flexible,
8-10 hours a day with 2 evenings of babysitting,
Accommodation is own room and bathroom,
Located in Antigua, East Caribbean in a house on the beach. Driver would be ideal to get around the island.

Engage with the boy during the day, taking advantage of the natural surroundings. Someone inspiring and with experience in alternative education who is familiar with creating a child-led, nurturing day using observation to see what the child is interested in and provide activities and resources to expand on that interest.

You need to be a strong swimmer as you will be on a yacht for part of the trip and competent sailing is also a big plus.

Access to a car, shared with mum.

Salary flexible for the right person.