If you have found yourself here, you may be just as excited as we were when we came up with the idea of an alternative nanny agency. You are a gentle, authentic person with a passion for your approach. You have something special to share with a family but you haven't found them yet. This is the place to find that family! Scroll down to see a few of our nanny jobs currently available. Please note, these are just a selection of positions available

What you need to have

Minimum two years full time experience in your approach

Up-to-date police check (DBS)

Paediatric First Aid

Qualifications in Montessori or Steiner/ Courses in RIE® or Pikler

(not necessary but will increase possibilities of securing a position)

Degree or Norland/ Chiltern 

(not necessary but will increase possibilities of securing a position)


(for international positions)

Apply here


Job Vacancies




Looking for a respectful, gentle, calm nanny that uses positive guidance, knowledge with the RIE approach a big bonus! 

For a 5, 3 and 1 years old 

Starting beginning of February, 

Monday, Thursday and Friday,



Sole charge,

Located in Palmers Green N13 


Create a child-centred, nurturing environment,

Support the childrens emotional well-being and use positive guidance,

Child-related household duties,

Cooking meals for the children. 

Ofsted registered a bonus,

£15 gross/ hour 


Looking for a calm, gentle nanny that uses clear boundaries and has knowledge and interest in child development,

For two boys, 3 and 1,

Starting ASAP, but can be flexible for the ideal candidate

For 40 hours/ week,

Monday-Wednesday (7.15AM-6.15PM)

Thursday 8:30am to 3:30pm (or Friday, if preferable to the nanny). There can be some flexibility with the proposed hours on Thursday/Friday

Hours can be more flexible in the school holidays,



Located in NW5.


Create a nurturing environment ideal for the boys level of development with varied activities,

Walking the 3 year old to and from nursery during term time,

Preparing healthy meals,

Light child-related housework,

Occasional babysitting.

During term time, the position will be predominantly sole-charge, but mum will sometimes be working from home on the Thursday mornings, and on some evenings she will endeavour to be back by 5/5.30pm so will be around to help with dinner. During the school holidays, she will be around more, but still envisage the position to be predominantly sole-charge.

Highly competitive salary


With their 5.5 year old boy and 2 year old girl,

Starting 28th January-31st March,

Monday and Tuesday ideally (or Tues-Weds),


Located in Stoke Newington,


Create a nurturing, engaging environment for the children, 

Get out to the park and nature, 

Pick up the boy from school and help with homework, dinner and bath,

Cook for the children and batch cook. 

Washing (and occasional ironing) of their clothes

Changing their beds weekly

£13 gross/ hour

Non-smoker required

Possibility of nanny living in (tbc) and possibility of time scale extending if current plans alter. 

Looking for a gentle, respectful, flexible nanny that uses clear boundaries within a child led environment, someone who is happy, resilient and a problem-solver.

For a boy just turned three, 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays + extra days outside of this sometimes if you would like. Boy goes to nursery on Thursday mornings for four hours so some PA duties would be helpful like sorting out old baby clothes. Its also an option to take those 4 hours off.

8AM -6PM, 

Starting February 2019,


Located in Wapping, E1W 1PM


Nursery duties, 

Playdates and crafts, 

Get outside and stuck into nature,

Get out and about, look up local activities,

Cook for Rex and batch cook to put in freezer. 

Driver needed. 

Occasionally, mum needs to travel overseas for work and will need you to come with for a few days, up to a week. Places that she has been to previously are Italy, Germany and Vancouver. The trips may be to the same place or different locations. 

1 year minimum commitment. 

£15/ hour

Looking for a nanny familiar with Montessori, RIE, Pikler and/ or Steiner, 

Fo their 10 month old daughter,

Starting January 2019,

Monday and Tuesday, going up to three days in May. 




All nursery duties,

Provide a child-led, respectful day for the girl. 

No driver needed,

£13/ hour 

Babysitter needed for ad hoc nights and weekends in Wapping for 18 month old boy



Looking for a creative, outdoorsy nanny/ manny who is familiar with child-led learning and the Steiner approach, 

For a 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl,

Starting beginning of February 2019 (with slight flexibility to start later),

For minimum a year,

Monday- Friday,

8.30/9AM- 5/5.30PM,

With proxy parenting 2-3 nights per month,

Mixture of sole and shared charge but mostly sole,

Parents will be on the property but will be working, 


Accomodation is a seperate studio cottage,

Located in Shropshire, SY10. 


Create an inspiring, child-led day for the children where they have creative freedom, 

Getting involved in family activities like gardening, dog walks and projects,

Help out with child-related household duties like the childrens washing,

Heat up pre-made food for the children,

Drive the children to places in the area, 

Must be fluent in English,

Must have a drivers licence (insurance on a vehicle provided),

They have 2 small dogs and are happy if you would like to bring your own,

Travel once a year to South Africa and possibly to China in the near future,

£30,000/ annum

The house is located near lots of beautiful outdoor places to explore, this role would be ideal for someone who loves to be in nature and to share that enthusiasm with the children. The family are very creative themselves so would like to allow this creativity in their children to be explored. The parents would like a balance between child-led learning and a more structured approach so when the 4 year old starts school, they will start with a few half days so someone who would be open to homeschooling in future would be a bonus but not necessary. 


Looking for a gentle, child-led nanny with clear boundaries, 

For a 3.5 year old girl and 1 year old girl, 

Starting from April -August (flexible depending on whether live-in or out),

Three days a week (36 hours),

Monday- Wednesday (hopefully),


Accomodation for live-in:

Hampshire SO20

Ensuite double room,

Yorkshire GL9

Own top floor with bedroom and sitting room with shared bathroom,


Provide a gentle, child-led day,

Get children up, dressed and fed,

Pre-school drop off and pick ups,

Clubs and playdates,

Keep rooms tidy, 

Childrens washing,

Cook for the girls,

Driver required (car provided),

They have two cats,

Salary: TBC 

The parents work long hours for their jobs hence why the hours are long and although Monday-Wednesday would be ideal, there may need to be some flexibility around the days worked. You will also get around 6 weeks holiday yearly, 2 weeks over Christmas, 3 weeks in August and 1 week over Easter. 


Looking for a nanny that uses Pikler and/or Montessori in their approach or someone who is gentle and respectful of children, 

For a three year old girl and a baby due in March 2019, 

To start from January 2019-September 2019 (flexible start date), 

For indefinitely, 

30 hours a week:

Mondays and Tuesdays 3PM-6PM, 

Wednesdays 12PM-6PM,

Thursdays and Fridays 8/8.30AM-5/5.30PM

Plus babysitting,


Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 


Be present with the children, 

Cooking meals,

Generally keeping the house tidy. 

Riding a bike with the children.

Potential travel to Spain with the family. 

Spanish, Dutch and English spoken within the home,

12-14 euros gross/ hour




Looking for a nanny that uses and is trained in RIE® that can also teach the parents about the approach or someone who is open to using RIE® and to have proper RIE training. Someone that uses a similar approach like Montessori, Waldorf or Reggio is also welcome! 

For a 20 month old boy and a baby on the way, 

To start ASAP-up to beginning of October, 

4-5 days a week,

Monday-Thursday 8.45AM-5PM, 

Friday 8.45AM-1PM (this can be flexible), 


Open to temporarily living-in for the right candidate from out of state while they get set up,

Located on Lake Street, San Francisco. 


All nursery duties, 

Take the boy out and about, to the park and on playdates, 

Leading a gentle, respectful, child-led day, 

Light cooking using no sugar and low gluten, 

Occasional babysitting,

Driver needed. 

This is a long-term role, preferably when the expected baby goes to preschool, 

Family has two cats, 

Someone open to traveling but not a requirement. 

$25-35/ hour dependent on experience

Looking for a discreet, rota nanny with a background in Montessori who has experience working with under threes, 

For two girls (2.5 and 1), 

ASAP start, 

Part-time hours to start, working up to the full rota hours (full time hours guaranteed from start date). Start off in the evenings taking part in dinner, bedtime and babysitting and also traveling with the family (all of this when the family require, not every night), then work up to the rota hours of 7 days every two weeks working two days a week (either Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday) and one three day weekend, every other weekend). 12 hour days. 


Sole charge, 

Fully staffed household.  

Palo Alto, San Francisco. 


Provide a Montessori day for the children, 

Communicating with the mother throughout the day, 

Play dates, 


Plan things to do in the afternoons and during traveling that will encourage learning, 

The older girl is in pre-school so taking her to and from pre-school, 

Driver needed but you won't be driving regularly, 

Mandarin speaking a bonus. 

The family travel regularly from weekend trips up to a month and will need you to come with. For the longer time periods, you will not be expected to work the entire month, you will swap with another nanny. Own bedroom and bathroom provided while traveling. 

The family have one dog (a Puli), 

Salary $30-45/ hour dependent on experience, 

Full benefits. 


Looking for an energetic and gentle, RIE nanny (Open to other philosophies) who has a peaceful attitude and positive outlook. 

The family use holistic approaches with healthy eating, medicine, and cleaning products to create a toxin-free environment, so someone who is in line with this. A neat and organized person is important. Someone long-term to grow with this family is desired, and open to moving with the family in the future a bonus. 

For a 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl,

Monday-Friday hours, occasional weekend work, someone flexible due to parents working schedules,

Maryland, Washington, DC or Northern Virginia. Location is to be confirmed.


Start date, April-June 2019 .


Provide a screen-free, child-led day with lots of outdoor play. Light child related house-work and cooking healthy meals for the family. Keeping the house tidy and driving the boy to school and other activities. Car provided for nanny use.

Salary $50,000


Looking for a kind, gentle and caring Montessori nanny (Open to other philosophies) who will join this family as a team player. Explore the environment indoors and out with their children and redirect them in positive ways when needed. Someone who is flexible. Professionalism is a must!
Spanish speaking a bonus
Live out
For B(5) and G(20 months)
To start ASAP
4-5 days per week, 40-50-hours
Located in Salt Lake City, Utah

Provide a screen-free, natural, child-led day.
Take older boy to and from Montessori school (Own vehicle required).
Daughter to gym and music. Lots of outdoor play.
Cooking, light cleaning, laundry and helping children tidy up.

Salary flexible for the right candidate
Benefits included.


Looking for a gentle, calm person who uses positive guidance. 

Someone with teaching experience through Waldorf Steiner/ Montessori or Reggio kindergartens/ schools is ideal. The family follow a vegan/ vegetarian diet so someone in line with this is also a bonus. 

For a 4 year old girl, 

To start ASAP from December 12th, 

Monday-Friday/ Saturday,

Minimum 6 hours/ day,

Can be live-in initially (ensuite room) while the nanny gets settled and looks for accomodation nearby, otherwise its live-out.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Provide a gentle, holistic, child-led day for the girl,

Light housework and helping mum out in the kitchen,

Driver helpful but not necessary. 

$25/ hour during trial period with possibility to increase depending on experience. 


Looking for a long term, RIE/ Montessori nanny that is a team player, ideally fluent in Italian or French, 

For a 10 month old girl,

To start November 1st (start date flexible for the right candidate),

4-5 days/ week, 

24 hours/ day, Mix of sole and shared charge,

Live-in or live-out, 

Live-in accomodation is a private, ensuite room, 

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 33304

Provide a gentle, but lively, Montessori, child-led day. 

The girl has a Montessori playroom set up for her so someone who can keep it developmentally appropriate.

Light housekeeping (dishes, taking out the rubbish, keeping clean, neat, organized, etc) 

Provide fresh meals for the girl.

Around four weeks of national and international traveling a year.
Must be able to drive and have a clean driving record.

Need to be able to swim. Must have a high level of hygiene for themselves and when handling the baby (diapers, baths, foos, etc). 
$400/day ++(flexible for right candidate) plus health insurance benefits. They will sponsor an international nanny if the right fit